• Cafe Deja Brew, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

    by  • September 6, 2011 • Bakery, Coffee etc., Fast Food, Gurgaon • 

    After ignoring signage placed on Sohna road divider for many days, One fine evening while returning from office we finally decided to visit Cafe Deja Brew.

    This small cafe is located in Atrium, Iris Tech Park on the Sohna road. The office compound is newly built and is hardly occupied due to not-so-good economic industry conditions. There are only few cars parked in building and one can easily find a good parking inside.

    Cafe Deja Brew is a small coffee outlet like what CCD and Barista have opened in big office compounds. It has similar menu like normal coffee, shakes and sandwiches, pastries to eat. Rates are also pretty similar to CCDs.

    We had cappuccino coffee and a cold coffee to drink. We ordered one grilled sandwich to eat. It was good but not very fresh.

    This peaceful cafe can be good place on Sohna Road for some formal meetings and interviews.


    Coffee @ Cafe Deja Brew

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    Cafe Deja Brew Iris Tech Park, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

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